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Recent news

Simon’s paper accepted in Comp. Phys. Commun.

Simon’s joint work with Ellen was accepted for publication in Computer Physics Communications. Their paper describes a user-friendly graphical user interface software that can be directly used by materials scientists for Ideal Adsorption Solution Theory (IAST) calculations. Such calculations are highly useful when trying to understand and predict the gas separation performance of (nano)porous materials, as used -for example- for CO2 capture.

You can read the full paper here.

Collaborative paper with Du Prez group accepted in Eur. Pol. J.

The research that Maarten Smulders undertook during his sabbatical leave in the fall of 2021 in the group of Filip Du Prez has been published in the European Polymer Journal. The work, jointly performed with PhD students Filip van Lijsebetten and Stephanie Engelen, describes how epoxy-based coatings can be made recyclable without affecting their barrier properties. To this end, within the epoxy network dynamic-covalent vinylogous urethane groups were introduced to create a vitrimer epoxy coating. Extensive characterisation of the coating, in part performed at the facilities of Flamac, revealed that the coatings maintained their corrosion protection even after exposure to salt water and steam condensation. In addition, upon damaging, the barrier properties could be restored by simple heating. Finally, it was demonstrated the coatings could reversibly adhered to an aluminium surface.

You can read the full paper here.

Sybren presented his work during BPC2022

During the Bordeaux Polymer Conference 2022 Sybren presented his recent work on phase separation in covalent adaptable imine networks. Despite the heat outside, Sybren kept his head cool and gave a great presentation on his work!


NWO Circularity Grant awarded

Maarten was awarded an NWO Circularity Grant for a project entitled “Dynamic Branching for Circularity (DYNABRANCH)”. A consortium of WUR, TUE, AVANS Breda and SABIC, lead by Maarten, will take on two PhD students and a postdoc to: 1) achieve chemically modification of engineering plastics with dynamic covalent chemistry to improve their recyclability, and 2) to study the societal acceptance of these new polymers.

More information can be read on the website of NWO.