Month: March 2024

Congrats to Monica and Marcela!

This month, both Monica and Marcela successfully defended their MSc thesis project on new polyesters for food packaging. Both projects were a collaboration with Deniz Turan-Kunter of the Food Quality and Design group at WUR. Congrats to both students, thanks to Vahid for supervising both students, and thanks to Deniz for the opportunity to collaborate!

Simon’s work out in special issue of J. Pol. Sci. – with cover!

Simon’s latest work on dynamic boronate-TetraAzaADamantane networks has been published in the special issue on Dynamic Bonds in Polymers of the Journal of Polymer Science. In his paper, Simon compared two different dynamic boronic acid based covalent adaptable networks, namely, a conventional boronate-diol and a novel boronate-TetraAzaADamantane (TAAD) system. Simon found that incorporating boronate-TAAD bonds…

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