Month: March 2023

Welcome to Vahid

This week Vahid Asadi Alghalandis joined our group as a postdoctoral researcher. His research will focus on how the concept of phase separation can be used in covalent adaptable networks. Good luck, Vahid!

Sybren successfully defended his PhD thesis today

Today, Sybren successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled Molecular Tuneability of Imine-based Covalent Adaptable Networks. Congrats to Sybren for this great achievement, and thanks his opponents, Filip Du Prez, Katja Loos, Hans Heuts and Jasper van der Gucht, for their participation in Sybren’s defence.

PhD vacancy recyclable polycarbonates by dynamic covalent chemistry

Our group has a PhD vacancy on a project that is focussed on polymer materials that contribute to a circular economy. This PhD position is part of our DynaBranch consortium that consists of partners from Wageningen University, Eindhoven University of Technology, Avans Hogeschool and SABIC as industrial partner/sponsor. Our consortium was awarded a KIC Circularity…

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Paper by Sybren on metal coordination in imine networks published in MRC

Just before he will defend his PhD thesis, Sybren‚Äôs paper on the stabilising effect of metal coordination in imine-based covalent adaptable networks has been published in Macromolecular Rapid Communications. Moreover, the work features on the front cover of the journal. In the paper, Sybren describes the effect of choice of metal ion, corresponding counter anion,…

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