Welcome to the website of the group of Maarten Smulders, which is part of the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry at Wageningen University & Research. Please check out our website to find out more about the research of the group, the researchers, as well as opportunities to join the group.

PhD vacancy Our group has a vacant PhD position in Dynamic Polymer Synthesis. More details can be found here.

Recent news

Latest paper Esther in Langmuir out

Esther’s recently accepted paper in Langmuir has appeared online. In this contribution, she compared a range of commonly used monomers for antifouling brushes for their antifouling performance, using flow cytometry as the read-out system. The paper can be found here.

Welcome to Maaike

Last week Maaike van Slagmaat joined the group for the BSc thesis project with Esther. The coming months she will be synthesising and characterising new macromolecular building blocks for antifouling coatings.

Lecture Maarten at upcoming EuCheMS Chemistry Congress

Later this month, Maarten will be presenting work from the group in a lecture entitled “Engineering dynamic self-healing behaviour in metal-stabilised imine polymer networks“, during the 7th EuCheMS Chemistry Conference in Liverpool (UK).

Art meets Science

As part of the 100-year anniversary of WUR, Maarten has taken part in the “Creative Innovation: Arts meets Science” initiative. During a kick-off meeting he presented how elements of his work on recyclable plastics can be a source of inspiration for artists: a major, common topic is the interaction and collaboration between species or compounds, and the ability for humans to learn from or alter those.

Interested to find out more about this initiative? Check out our university’s website.