Sybren’s self-healing materials covered by the media

In the same week as Sybren’s PhD defence, his work on self-healing materials was covered by various media:

  • Omroep Gelderland visited the lab to learn more about the self-healing imine polymers that Sybren developed during his PhD project. The corresponding article is available here, while the video can be seen here.
  • Maarten was interviewed on NPO Radio 1 (the national news and sports channel) on the same topic. The item can be listened back here (starting at 21:43 min).
  • EditieNL (a topical national magazine program) also visited our lab to interview Sybren and to learn more about our ‘futuristic self-healing plastics’. The video item can be seen here (item starts at 07:50 min).
  • Our own university magazine, Resource, also interviewed Sybren. The interview article is available here.

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